Tribal dragon tattoos always cause a sensation

Published: 11th November 2010
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Tribal dragon tattoos have a certain mystique which is hard to ignore. Ancient myths and legends of supernatural, winged reptiles have given dragons a reputation to live up to. Their fluid, serpentine shape and aggressive reputation has given the wearer of tribal dragon tattoos an edge over the mundane and ordinary tattoo designs.

Tribal dragon tattoos are a blend of the East and West.

It may surprise you to know that dragons are not all the same.

In Eastern cultures, dragons are still seen as honourable and benevolent creatures with powers to heal and protect the weak.

Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean legends all feature likeable dragons with similar physical characteristics. Tattoos of these often smiling Asian dragons are normally inked in both black and color and are very intricate and ornate.

Western dragons, however, are not as likeable. Myths depict them as viscious, with reptilian features, sharp claws and teeth. To say these dragons had a negative image would be correct.

Tribal Dragon tattoos are a dream to design.

The unusual and striking appearance of dragons has meant that designing tribal dragon tattoos is an enjoyable experience for anybody wanting to design unique tribal dragon tattoos. Nearly all dragons are endowed with spikes, flowing manes, glistening scales, rippling muscles, flashing eyes and sharp fangs - all this exceptional detail means that having striking, unique tribal dragon tattoos is an enjoyable experience for most people.

Tribal dragon tattoos look good on guys and girls.

Men tend to choose large, bold dragon designs, often in only black ink. The writhing body of a powerful dragon draped across a well muscled torso looks particularly good. The meaning behind tribal dragon tattoos reflects wisdom, courage, strength and a desire to protect loved ones - all commendable male attributes.

Women normally prefer smaller, feminine tribal dragon tattoos. These are also found in black ink but also with touches of colored ink. The symbolism attached to a feminine dragon design depicts the girl as the creator and protector of life. These smaller tattoos suit a smaller female form.

As with any tattoo it is vital that you wear the tattoo and not the other way round. Try to pay attention to your body size when you decide on the dimensions of your tattoo. Large, oversized tattoos can overwhelm a smaller torso and not create the right impact.

Lastly, take your time deciding on your new tattoo design. Look at as many images and videos of tribal dragon tattoos as possible. Let your imagination run free. With plenty of design material at your disposal you will be able to create a truly unique and impressive dragon tattoo which you can wear with pride for many years.

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