Tribal Cross Tattoos Mean Free Expression Reigns Supreme!

Published: 11th November 2010
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Tribal cross tattoos have come a long way. We all remember the cartoon images of Popeye the Sailor Manís tattoos from the days when tattoos were restricted to rugged, male sailors. This tattoo wearing stereotype no longer applies - tribal cross tattoos now adorn male and female bodies alike.

Tribal cross tattoos popularity has rocketed in the last 20 years. Before the mid eighties somebody with a visible tattoo was the exception rather the norm. These tattoo wearers were considered wild or even antisocial.

Those days are now long gone. Tattoo wearers now like to express their individuality through their tattoos. The tribal cross design is often stylized to mark important events like a marriage or a birth.

To a large extent it is open season when it comes to designing your own tattoo. It is common practice to combine elements from different cross designs and cultures to produce a striking and unique design.

The need to be unique is the main reason for the rising popularity of tattoos in today's world; they can be as unique as the wearer wants, there is absolutely no restriction on design.

Tribal Cross design origins.

Tattoos date back thousands of years. In those days it was thought that tattoos would protect the wearer from evil and would also be used to identify tribal members or to celebrate a victorious battle.

tribal cross tattoos are commonly associated with the Christian faith but it will surprise many people to know that the cross symbol pre-dates Christ's crucifixion and was common in many primitive cultures across the world. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Ethiopians and Chinese feature the cross within many of their cultural designs.

The simple Christian cross design has been stylized into the popular and intricate Celtic cross and the bold Maltese cross designs. All the cross designs have their own history.

The Maltese cross emblem originated in the Holy Land with the Crusading Knights' brave attempts to shield fellow Knights from Saracen fire bombs. Nowadays the Maltese cross is proudly displayed by numerous Fire Fighters across the world.

The Celtic cross symbol is thought to originate with the Druids and their practice of worshiping the Moon Goddess in ancient Britain.

Tribal cross tattoos are often associated with angels and other ethereal beings. A half human, winged angel is seen in cross form on David Beckham, the famous footballer.

The evolution of modern tribal cross tattoo designs.

Today's tribal cross design is a combination of the timeless Christian cross, Maltese cross, Celtic cross, Gothic cross and even includes floral wreaths. This rich heritage has meant that it is possible to create striking tattoo designs suitable for guys and girls.

Black and colored ink can be used on cross tattoos. Guys tend to favor broad, bold cross designs whereas women choose more delicate, feminine tattoos.

The unique opportunity which tattoos give individuals cannot be underestimated. Free expression of personal emotions, opinions and beliefs are all possible within a striking tribal cross design.

This is the prime reason that the timeless tribal cross theme is one of the most popular tattoo styles chosen by people the world over. This trend is expected to increase as tattoos continue to grow in popularity.

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