Tom S Stevens

name Hi my name is Tom.

I am passionate about tribal cross tattoos and have devoted all my energy to promoting the best designs, images and tribal cross videos
available. Remember to do your research so that you will have a unique and striking tattoo which you will be proud to show off for many years.

I sincerely hope you enjoy being a member of our large and growing community of proud tattoo wearers!

tribal cross videos

Tribal dragon tattoos always cause a sensation

11th November 2010
Tribal dragon tattoos have a certain mystique which is hard to ignore. Ancient myths and legends of supernatural, winged reptiles have given dragons a reputation to live up to. Their fluid, serpentine shape and aggressive reputation has given the wearer o... Read >

Tribal Cross Tattoos Mean Free Expression Reigns Supreme!

11th November 2010
Tribal cross tattoos have come a long way. We all remember the cartoon images of Popeye the Sailor Manís tattoos from the days when tattoos were restricted to rugged, male sailors. This tattoo wearing stereotype no longer applies - tribal cross tattoos no... Read >